SafetySmart eLearning

Engaging, effective and easy

Train employees in multiple locations more easily and consistently, without the high training, travel, or staffing costs often associated with in-person training.

With a library of over 150 safety and HR titles (US and Canadian), and a powerful, easy-to-use learning management system, eLearning from SafetySmart allows you to manage thousands of learners from a single web browser.

Engaging courses ensure your training programs are relevant and professional, with dynamic Flash™-based animations, high-definition video, and studio-produced audio narrations that ensure at least one learner interaction for every three frames.

Effective content focuses on specific competencies for employees to practice on the job, not just how to pass a test or answer quiz questions. This practical approach means that when your employees complete training they are ready to use the skills they’ve learned.

An easy-to-use learning management system makes administration and reporting simple for anyone.  Load employees, create learner groups, assign courses, and report on performance.

Meanwhile, your participants quickly find the learning assigned to them and can review their training history.  There are no complex interfaces to figure out and no up-front investments in complex computer systems.

Best of all, like everything else in SafetySmart, you can combine eLearning together with in-person training and awareness tools to create a rock-solid safety training program.